Friday, 10 September 2010

Clarke's Diary - Part one

Now, we know it might look like all this Dicey business is run by the cube-headed fella in the crumpled suit, and perhaps it is, but it's not. It's actually much more of a team effort at Dice, and as such we're going to 'lift the veil', as it were, on what makes us tick, and indeed, tock. So, here goes with the first in a series of special guest posts from our 'documentator in residence' and teaboy, Clarke Denmark*. "Take it away Clarke."

Generating Ideas

Hi there and hello there. My name is Clarke and I've been working with for Dice Productions for about 6 years, so now as a mature 17-year-old, I can say I have a deep understanding of their creative process genius.

Ideas are the most important things in Dice. Without them, I certainly wouldn't be getting my £2.83 an hour (HA HA) or making tea in such a creative and rewarding industry. There certainly wouldn't be any animations or scripts or films made, so it's pretty "F***ING IMPORTANT" as Louis keeps reminding me.
The guys My bosses usually do 'ideas-isation' separately, then come together to 'brain smush', as I've been told not to call it, and get down a single 'good' idea. 
The initial inspiration could be from art, life, or persistent errors in payroll (it happens surprisingly often!!). 
Once an idea is decided and the blood has washed off, the creative process really begins. Ian (writer), Louis (animator), Tom (writer) and Tatyana (cleaner), go into 'crybernation', which involves an intense period of writing, re-writing, shouting, and re-re-writing. The results and hair loss speak for themselves.

I've been told I can't spend more than 10 minutes on this, so I'll have to leave the rest to your imagination and get back to work making tea. Thanks for reading and stay safe (away from cars) for part two of my diary. 
Coming up soon!!1!
Thanks Clarke.

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*This article has been edited by Dice Productions

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