Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Thanks Pencil, Thpencil

Now's as good as any time to make a little dedication to my favourite pencil. His name is 'Old Blue'. We met about 2 years ago in a cold student flat in the middle Edinburgh, he was hanging out with some other mechanical pencil buddies his previous owner had obsessively collected inside a meticulous stationary draw. We got along great, but after a while his nobbliness really starting to bite into me. After a while things started to get pretty bad, so I jammed a couple of pen grips over him. We had our rows, but after going through some highs and lows, we've been trough some pretty amazing stuff, and I'll never regret a moment. Thanks Pencil. Thpencil.

Ian's also got a clever little extendable pen we call 'Classy Clive'. It's non-gender specific, well more vague really. Tom generally just writes with his own blood, he's passionate like that, so... 'Tom' would be the accurate thing to put on his census form I suppose.

P.S. If you're reading Steve Wright, can I have 'Can't Live if Living is Without You' by Harry Nilsson. Anything else that makes me want to bleed with clich├ęd insincerity is fine too. Does he still do that Sunday show? I don't know.

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