Saturday, 6 December 2008

Video Wall 4

  • 'Argent Content' - Philippe Dussol. This was shown during Gigbeth, with The Guillemots improvising a score for it. Interesting that whilst still shot in this decade it looks quite old. Amazing to think quickly low budget film making technology has improved. Still, can't beat an old pair of roller skates. 
  • Economiclassics - Eva Becker. One of new subscribers on YouTube made this. I don't know what any of the words mean, but that's probably just as well. It's nonesensical loveliness, complimenting the fact that 81% of statistics are useless.
  • The Shining Re-Cut uploaded by neochosen. The power of editing turns The Shining into the next big feel good comedy of the year. Don't know who made this though.
  • Sheep Worrier 5 - Craig Hindmarsh (Animaxy). Part of series of 'Sheep Worrier' cartoons, this is my personal favourite.

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