Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Lying Down Game

Bored? Unemployed? Both? Then why not try the lying down game? As I understand it this little beauty was some sort of Internet phenomenum a few years back, however the concept of lying down is now big and backer than ever, thanks to the pioneering work of Billy Guilfoyle and Anthony Stevenson. Two individuals with a penchant for, well, lying flat on their faces. Certain rules apply:
  • your body must be completely straight, with arms by your side
  • your face straight down.
Can you do that? I thought so.

Points are awarded for innovation, including originality of location, be it risky or interesting. The difficulty of the surface you are laying on also adds veritable spice to this game, as some positions test ones athletic prowess far beyond that of an Olympic game. Obvious physical pain as a result of lying down is not necessary, but sincerely admired by fans of this art/sport. So don't waste any more time, get yourself out of bed and go and lie down! There will be a prize of several virgins for those who send in the best pictures.

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