Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Weekly Wound Up: The BNP on Question Time - Could it be a Good Thing?

This Thursday the British public will be able to witness the spectacle of BNP leader and overall moron Nick Griffin, appearing on BBC's flagship debate show Question Time. The fact that the Beeb have given the go ahead for Griffin's appearance has, in itself, created a widespread debate over their decision and the consequences that it might have on the public. Opposition for the decision has been far reaching and from all areas of the political spectrum, from the far left to the mainstream parties. Cabinet members such as Welsh Secretary Peter Hain have even labelled the BBC's decision as 'illegal' due to the parties illegitimate admissions policy and many BBC employees have threatened to take part in the protests set to take place against their own organisation.

Like most rational and sane human beings I think the BNP are deplorable on every level and I loathe every ignorant and morally bereft principle they stand for, however I believe they do have a right to be on the show and more so that a greater good can come of this.

On a technical level, the BBCs remit is and always has been, to remain politically neutral. The sheer brilliance of the organisation lies in that fact; it is the reason why the BBC is respected and renowned across the
globe for its media coverage and that is precisely because of its unwavering neutrality and lack of bias. So it is unsurprising that this neutrality has allowed the BNP the opportunity to appear on the show, when
other fringe parties such as UKIP and The Green Party have already made several appearances. The BNP are a similar size to these parties and has two elected MEPS, however unfortunate that fact is, it does make the BBCs decision on the matter understandable.

As far as the BBC is concerned, it is not their place to make moral and political judgements on our behalf, that is what separates it from such horribly partisan news channels such as the FOX News Network. It is the fact that the BNP has two democratically elected MEPs that justifies their place on the show and rather than blaming the BBC for their appearance, the public should look to themselves and ask the more important question, how did they get these votes in the first place? Thus making them eligible in to appear on the show.

The far right have been as popular as they have ever been, the only reason that the BNP are now gaining seats is because of the complete apathy of the majority. This is why I think something good may come out of this appearance, because the reasonable majority need to be woken up and re-ignited to politics and if ever there is a good reason to, this is it.

The middle brow spectators seemed frightened that this TV appearence will act as a platform for further recruitment and would rather quietly brush such troublesome parties under the carpet, holding their hands over their eyes, humming a tune while they pretend the fascists don't exist. This is what is wrong with the political situation as it stands, that people are switched off and choose to ignore it. These parties unfortunately do exist and rather than acting as a platform for the BNP, I think it will highlight and expose their foul and wretched views to the reasonable majority and make them realise that we cannot take anything for granted.

I hope the viewing figures this Thursday are massive, and then maybe the good people will see what evil exists when they choose to do nothing.

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  1. Good post. I agree. The BBC has a responsibility to be impartial.

    Of course there is the worry the BNP will use the opportunity to present a false image, but QT is about allowing people to grill the guests as well.

    Will be very interesting indeed.