Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Need to write a story fast? Use Frankenstory

Using Frankenstory you can create a sort of blind story writing tennis match. You write 40 words, of which the next contributor can only read the last few words. When you've done 4 entries you have your story.

Ian served up the first 40 words, which ended with:
"...the park and before he knew it something terrible happened."
I accidentally lost the rest of it due to me serving it onto Tom (you can't play tennis in three's apparently) so here's how the rest went:
... St Mary's apple orchard had vanished. What was left? Biscuit crumbs. Tons of the stuff. This was the work of Fat keith. 'No more cider for Jack', he weeped as he sprinted full pace with his hands failing towards the devastation. The child wept as the chilling events unfolded before him, surely that old woman couldn't have been right? The blind man, the prostitute and the ferrel child scrambled for the last rust encrusted wrench.. Only one would be beaten to death. The sky gods turned their eyes away in disgust. There was no fight. There was no picnic. Just appalling rust induced hugging. 'What hope can there be if they can not learn to hate properly?' said Hovis the God of Elasticity. He backed off momentarily, catching his breath before allowing the last remnants of blood to dribble down his chin. He should have know all along, who else but Eamonn Holmes could have done this? He held his shins praying for death.

You can get to Frankenstory here:

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