Thursday, 27 November 2008

Video Round up 3

O.K. Its the video wall again. Woop and indeed Di Doop.
  • 'Grey' by Ivan Rusev. There's no real nitty gritty details about this guy which is shame. Think he's Canadian... or Bulgarian. This has really inspired me. The way that everything's drawn and animated finally makes me shake off all the snobbishness I picked up studying animation and the world of Richard Williams. The thing about Flash animation it really helps retain styles of illustration that would normally be deemed 'incorrect' in terms of it being a 3D object. It also means you just get to spend more time worrying about the most important thing, the story! So thanks, this has really given me a kick up the bum. But remember kids, Flash can make you lazy.
  • Fight scene from the undefendable, 'Undefeatable'. If we're going to be naming and shaming, 'Godfrey Ho' directed it. In the words of the YouTubian who posted it "This fight is complete with knife licking, shirt tearing, gratuitous shirtlessness." I think special thanks to all the cast involved is needed too. "Yeah. See yer."
  • Food Fight by Stefan Nadelman of Tourist Pictures. Brilliant video, racking up well over 3million on YouTube so far. Its a food reinactment of the major wars of the last century so it's meant to be sobering I guess, but funny, 'cos it's food. Here's more details about it.
  • Hogan Knows Depression by WTF-TV for (expensive domain name for sure). It's funny and it's like something we would make, but I get annoyed by the faceless 'Blam!' logos they put on these. It's all about the brand, and that's just a smiley face. How am I meant to interact with that?

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