Friday, 31 October 2008

Burlesque Life Drawing + Audience Participation

I thought this deserved a plug, especially as it's Animation Forum West Midlands news. I've been wanting to go to some life drawing classes and 'Dr. Sketchy's' looks very interesting. It's not so much a lesson, as drawing wierd stuff whilst getting pissed at The Island Bar... with a competition thrown in apparently.

What I find the most interesting, however, is the fact that if it was just advertised as 'Burlesque+Animal bits', I would have probably blanked it. But, the only difference between the two is a pad of paper and a pencil... and I usually carry both! This confirms something that we've been thinking about. Audiences need to be told what they can do. Tell them to hand stands and they'll do it (reluctantly). Tell them to clap and they'll clap (much more British). More importantly, tell people to talk to each other and they will.

Most people aren't the life and soul of the party. So Dr. Sketchy's has given people extra options. Some people may be up for that. Some people may just want to stare a Fox-Woman with nipple tassles. That alone makes it an interesting experience, with a sort of counter-culture, hallucinagenic, cabaret ambience. The competition element however, puts a spin on it. People have now been told they might be interacting with the show somehow. That might put some people off, but it means the people who do go are prepared to engage and will innevitably make the effort to enjoy themselves.

Being a reserved, emotionally repressed Brit, I just don't know what I'm allowed to do without being told. So, giving people the option to engage in an exciting way is something I'd like to see a lot more in nearly all events, whether it be in the form of a compere or just the theme of the event. A professional point in case are the AFWM screenings. Whilst they are essentially film screenings, they're really relaxed and filmmakers are encouraged to talk in front of everyone so that you can put names to faces. What's more you're actually told to go and talk to someone, which at least prepares even the shiest members of the audience to socialise.

Here's Dr. Sketchy's MySpace.

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