Monday, 27 October 2008

Yeah, That's Really Good

As part of my occasional pointing & staring at videos I like, here's some soul enhancing YouTube favourites:

  • First up, 'Stinks' by Qianqian "Lil" Liu. Made at the recent Digitoons Masterclasses run by the Brothers McLeod. Just a great simple idea.
  • Next, I should have posted this ages ago. Now nearly racking up 10 million views this is Poykpac's interpretation of Mario's post-mushroom kingdom stardom. I've always wanted to do a Mario Brothers Feature (Not a remake - the first one doesn't count) but this quenched my thirst for the moment.
  • Third, in no particular order, 'Hot Air Salesman' produced by the amazing Max Fleischer. Ian & Tom spotted this gem in the Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham. Rubber hose animation and remorseless smashing only damped by the fact that Betty Boop was forced to clean up her act by this point in her career.
  • And last, a recent 'smash hit' commissioned by MySpace of all people. 'Italian Spiderman' by ALRUGO Entertainment is a fantastic spoof '70s soap, detective series with some fat smacks of shovinism, moustaches, whiskey, and guns thrown in for free.
Hopefully this'll cheer Ian up (see below). 

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  1. hi, thanks for posting my film ( stinks), so glad you like it. love your blog!