Thursday, 18 September 2008

Of All The People In The World

Would have liked to have gone into more detail about this recent art exhibition but 'Oh well'. I'll add to this post soon.

In the vein of being oafish and nonchalant, I managed to kick over one of the piles of rice that make up this wonderful and thought provoking installation. At first I was mortifyingly embarrassed. Especially so, as it was infront of all of the curators who were carefully scouring for more wonderful, thought provoking statistics to alert the world to the pitfalls in humanity like myself. Then I looked down to see that I'd taken out decent amount of Birmingham City Council. I think I regained some dignity and tried to make my peace.

Sorry Stan's Cafe, I really do like the exhibition and I promise to not scrounge a concessionary ticket next time.

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  1. That's brilliant. Sticking it to the man, but by accident, and being really embarrassed about it. Very funny.