Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Some poems what i wrote

Delusions of Emotion

The spark failed, to make a fire
Except in my mind
Where the warmth lingered on
Beyond your cold touch,
In a moment it was gone,
Out of sight
But not out of thought
A dark comfort in light of the world,
A hope of adoration
I’m falsely filled

Tuesday Night Thunderstorm

The sky belches a nightmare train
That crashes invisibly through the clouds,
A vast juggernaut of celestial awe
And eye, in the midst of the madness
Exploded with vision
For one split second the blue
Tears down my eyelids and shows me a world
So corporeal in face of the heavens.

The sky cackles and
Shakes and wakes my primordial self and I
Smell once again the heat in the air,
Touch the sound of the endless rain drops
Consuming our everyday road with a river of cleansing.

Every flash and every roar
Asserts the dominance that we thought was our own
And surrounds my smallhood with your grandest comfort
A God of sorts purges aside my minute woes

No moment to think when you strike again.
Eyes searing with too much sight
Blinded with inarticulate vision
As I see nothing,
But a nothing beyond this world,
A nothing of peace and solitude.
Solace in a deafening noise,
An unseen beauty,
A sense of power so beyond my own.

Tom Reid, Dice Productions

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